Another aspirant withdraws from race for Egypt’s presidency

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The nephew of former Egyptian president Anwar Esmat al-Sadat has reversed his previous decision to run in the upcoming presidential election set to begin March 26, 2018.

In a press conference, Mohamed Anwar el-Sadat, Head of Reform and Development Party, declared his decision came after an evaluation of the current electoral climate and in accordance with his campaign’s views.

“We will not fight a losing battle …it is not my personal decision but my campaign team who were working with me on the ground, and the decision was taken with the opinion of the campaign and its supporters,” he said.

El-Sadat becomes the second aspirant to go back on their decision to contest the Egyptian presidency.

One week ago, Egypt’s former prime minister Ahmed Shafik used his Twitter account to announce that he is no longer considering running for president in this year’s elections.

Egypt’s ex-PM rescinds decision to run for presidency

El-Sadat however used the press conference to urge all eligible Egyptians to vote.

Although the incumbent president, Abder Fattah al-Sisi has not declared his candidacy, it is widely expected that he will seek a second term in office.

The other candidates interested in the country’s top job are Khaled Ali, a prominent lawyer and Colonel Ahmed Konsowa, who have since their declarations been charged with what analysts believe are ‘political crimes’.

Parliamentarian Mortada Mansour, ex-military Chief of Staff Sami Anan and belly dancer el-Masry have also indicated their intentions to run for the highest office in the land.

The final list of the candidates will be announced on February 24. The primary results of the first round of the election will be announced on March 29, when decisions on appeals submitted by candidates, if any, will be made.

If no candidate obtains the majority of votes, a three-day run-off round will commence in Egypt on April 24, and on April 19 abroad. The name of the winning candidate is set to be announced on May 1.